Rajarshi Gupta

25th October

Rajarshi Gupta

VP, Head of AI

Using Real AI to Protect Real Users (435M of them)

The progress of AI in the last decade has seemed almost magical, but unique challenges posed by Security makes this domain the biggest challenge for AI. Security companies deal with protecting millions of users on a daily basis, in the face of emerging threats. Given that AI is often the most powerful tool for the whitehats, the criticality of this space deserves much stronger research focus. In this talk I will focus on areas of academic research in AI-Security that could help the security industry combat new and future threats.

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Rajarshi Gupta is the Head of AI at Avast Software, one of the largest consumer security companies in the world. He has a PhD in EECS from UC Berkeley and has built a unique expertise at the intersection of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and networking. Prior to joining Avast, Rajarshi worked for many years at Qualcomm Research, where he created ‘Snapdragon Smart Protect’, the first ever product to achieve On-Device Machine Learning for Security. Rajarshi has authored over 200 issued U.S. Patents, and is featured on the Wikipedia page for most prolific inventors in history.