CyberSec & AI Prague speaker reveals the ‘simple solution’ that stops digital elections being hacked

"With elections around the world threatened by hackers, CyberSec & AI speaker Alex Halderman (University of Michigan) explains how we can beat those using sinister tactics to disrupt democracy."

Thought leaders from around the world are gathering in Prague this October to discuss the future of cybersecurity, machine learning, and AI. One speaker will offer a simple solution to the matter of voting machines being hacked — an increasingly common problem plaguing modern elections. 

Alex Halderman, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Michigan, will be presenting his talk on ‘Securing Digital Democracies: Protecting the Security and Privacy of Digital Elections Around the World’


Alex’s expertise and experience in the area has seen him research elections in the US, Australia, Estonia and India — where his findings have often been used to amend election policy and processes. Ahead of his talk at CyberSec & AI Prague, Alex spoke with Avast about the ‘hacking’ threat facing democracy.


“Countries around the world are turning to computer technology and internet-connected systems to try to make elections better,” said Alex. “But the fact is that opens up whole new categories of risk. 


“We need stronger national leadership. The [US] federal government has provided no real standard and very little financial support to address this issue. That puts states and municipalities on the front lines of international cyberwarfare, and that’s not a situation they want to be in.” 


Alex offers a low-tech solution to one of cybersecurity’s biggest challenges as he touches upon the vulnerabilities underlying modern digital elections. You can find out more about Alex’s proposed solutions in the full blog here.

For those of you keen on learning more on this and other topics relating to cybersecurity, AI and machine learning, Alex Halderman will be one of the first speakers at the CyberSec & AI Prague conference this October 25th.

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